Vacuum Cleaner

Good ideas? Richard Branson's got them on tap

He signed the Sex Pistols, invented megastores, founded an airline, introduced tilting trains and is planning to send fare-paying passengers into space. Now, Richard Branson, lizard king of the shape-shifting Virgin brand, has revealed his latest product... a £300 tap.

The 10 Best irons

1. Rowenta DG8760 Pro Perfect


This iron sails through crumpled laundry, even tough linen, with complete ease, which you'd hope, at this price.

Dyson: The corridors of brain power

A room for dropping things on carpets, a big smashing machine and very clean bathrooms... Rhodri Marsden takes a tour of Dyson's nerve centre

Best product: LED lights

Over a quarter of carbon emissions come from the home. Rather than just telling people to cut back on what energy they use, it's up to manufacturers, engineers and scientists to make efficient appliances the norm – whether that's heating systems, fridge freezers or, indeed, vacuum cleaners. And then there's the humble lightbulb.

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Dyson: Fans, the Conservatives and climate change

To mark the launch of his AirMultiplier fan, launched today, Sir James Dyson was interviewed by The Independent. Topics included the fan, his new job with the Conservatives and how the world might solve climate change. This is an edited transcript of the interview: