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Amanda Knox to stand trial on slander charge

An Italian court today ordered the jailed American student Amanda Knox to stand trial for slandering police officers during the investigation into the killing of her British roommate.

Homes burn after fresh Indonesia eruption

Blistering gas from Indonesia's most volatile volcano spewed farther than expected today, incinerating houses at the edge of the danger zone, triggering chaotic evacuations and pushing the death toll in more than a week to nearly 100.

Album: Various artists, Dig the New Breed (Acid Jazz)

To celebrate Acid Jazz's 21st birthday, a collection of 16 singles from the 21st century - from the selfconsciously hip to the wholesomely soulful to the sadly lost, Smoove to Pleasure Beach to Grand Union to Steve Marriott & the Moments; all of it fundamentally mod in outlook, not to say Welleresque. (Yep, he'shere too.) Music speaking to a world that takes Duffy at face value but wants to get into the backstory too. Plus the odddecent joke: "The revolution will be televised…Betamax will be available for the old skool."

The Back 9 - 25 June

It's back to business on the European Tour following the action in the US Open

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Bob Guccione Jr: My media predictions

"My thesis was that media would continue to expand", explains Bob Guccione Jr., describing why, though some mediums are competing, media trends will drive up consumption over the coming years.