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Mara Wilson, it's harder being a mixed race child actor

I got a call from my agency saying that they wanted me to go up for The Lion King – one of the very few musicals actively seeking BME actors. But a couple of days before the audition, there was some bad news: 'We think you might be a bit too light for the part – could you go on a sunbed?'

Christopher's, 18 Wellington Street London WC2

How many restaurants which survive for more than 10 years are actually any good? In the restless churn of the London food scene, the answer is arguably: not very many. Chefs move on, managers are poached, the owner loses interest and that exciting new concept grows as stale as last week's leftovers. Inevitably, the sizzle subsides and the quality drops. At which point, it's only a matter of time before the nice chap from Cote, or Jamie's Italian, or Bill's comes knocking to ask about the lease.

Chekhov’s Three Sisters tickets only £15

Olga, Masha and Irina yearn for the adrenaline rush of life in Moscow in Chekhov’s heartbreaking masterpiece. Don’t miss this stunning version by director Benedict Andrews at the Young Vic.

Five-minute memoir: the box of delights

The day after my father died, my aunt came to me and said, "You're an orphan now". It didn't matter that I was in my early forties, or that my mother had passed away years before – the fact remained, my dad was gone. My brothers, my sister and I were on our own, lost without the rudder that had once steered the family ship.

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