2013 Anniversary Games: Golden summer memories come crowding back at

They started filing happily into their seats not long after four o'clock,  having made it past the clowns cavorting at the entrance gates – positioned perhaps in case anyone should be seen daring not to smile – and were still there six hours later, possibly wearied by the endless Britpop pumped around the stadium but still revelling in what was.

The Insider: Illuminated letters make a good personalised gift

A friend emailed to ask where she could get a giant letter "M" that lights up for her husband's 40th birthday present. Certainly, the typography trend isn't going anywhere – and old, illuminated letters are a nice twist on our lexical love affair. But they're not easy to find; here's what's available…

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Scientists and protesters battle over GM crops

Underneath a cloudless sky and surrounded by the greenest of English landscapes, two opposing forces assembled their ranks on a plot of land in the middle of Hertfordshire like two medieval armies readying themselves for battle.