Will Young

Agenda: Japan; Harry Hadden-Paton; Silencio; Flying Lotus; Camden

IT might be out of the headlines, but Japan isn't out of our hearts – Japanese über-store Uniqlo is raising money for the earthquake-relief effort by selling charity T-shirts, in collaboration with Vogue and a number of celebrities and designers. One, created by Victoria Beckham, reads "Sending love and hope"; another by Lady Gaga is scrawled with Japanese characters (below). The brand plans to donate £750,000 through sales of the tees, which come in at £12.99 each. uniqlo.com

Will Young, Roundhouse, London

Last weekend, in a dramatic show filled with tears and self-importance, Alexandra Burke was crowned winner of The X Factor. On the other side of London town, the original TV talent show graduate Will Young was enjoying a quieter celebration of sorts. It was the final night of his month-long UK tour promoting his album, Let It Go, and he was in a playful mood. Let's not forget that winning one of these shows is by no means a golden ticket to fame and fortune (David Sneddon anyone?) but Young has managed to come into his own as an artist, casting off the shackles of Pop Idol, the show that made his name six years ago, to become one of Britain's most respected pop stars.