Zinedine Zidane

Zidane is the 'coolest man on the planet,' says McManaman

However the high-stakes Champions League semi-final between Real and Manchester City unfolds on Wednesday night, one man at the heart of the action will not be getting rattled according to the former Madrid man Steve McManaman - and that’s Zinedine Zidane.

England 4 Moldova 0: Midfield axis Steven Gerrard and Jack Wilshere

In rugby the saying is “forwards win matches, backs decide by how many”. Football, being less based on territory and lower scoring, cannot be reduced to such a simple tenet, but while goalscorers are the most prized players, international matches tend to be won and lost in the midfield engine room.

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Manchester International Festival: Mogwai, Performing live to Zidane,

One of the triumphs of this year’s Manchester International Festival was its capacity to create a sense of place in an unexpected space. The 5,000 who communed on the Tarmac of a city centre car park to see a relay of Kenneth Branagh and Rob Ashford’s Macbeth on Saturday night can vouch for that.