Food Tour Of The Week

Canada's Okanagan Valley is a foodie paradise. Andy Lynes tells you where to go to stock up the larder
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For the most part, what's made in the Okanagan Valley stays in the Okanagan Valley. To sample the best of British Columbian produce you'll have to make the 35-minute hop from Vancouver to Kelowna. Or take the four-hour scenic drive.

The imposing Mission Hill Winery, 1730 Mission Hill Road, Westbank (00 1 250 768 7611; could be a Bond villain's lair. The wine education centre's projection screen retracts to reveal not a sinister HQ but a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Chef Rod Butters makes the most of the local bounty at Fresco, 1560 Water Street, Kelowna (00 1 250 868 8805;, the Valley's finest restaurant.

Phone in advance for an appointment at the Blue Mountain Vineyard, Okanagan Falls (00 1 250 497 8244; to sample the best wines in the Valley. The lakeside setting alone is worth the trip.

Don't let the views from the open-air kitchens distract you while honing your knife skills in the five-day "Pratique" cookery course at Michael Dinn and Heidi Noble's Joie Farm Cooking School, 2825 Naramata Road, Naramata (00 1 86 642 25643;

Buy some delicious "goatgonzola" before meeting the beasts that helped create it at Carmelis Goats Cheese, 170 Timberline Road, Kelowna (00 1 250 470 034 1;

At Illichmann's, 1937 Gordon Drive, Kelowna (00 1 250 860 6604; there's a huge array of pâtés, salamis and sausages prepared in-store.

Take a guided tour of the Dickinson Family Farm, 17208 Bentley Rd, Summerland (00 1 250 494 8732; to pick your own fruitstraight from the tree.

Retreat to God's Mountain Estate, 4898 Lakeside/Eastside Rd, Penticton (00 1 250 490 4800; to prepare your dishes in the guest kitchen and sleep in the unique roofless room.