Statelines: the full collection of articles in our America travel series

Through 2008, The Independent Traveller has broken new ground by celebrating the US in every edition, starting on 5 January with Washington DC. Every Saturday since then we have featured one of the 50 states. Today, you can travel the US in three pages, as we distil the best of America
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Washington DC by Leonard Doyle

Alabama by Garry Hughes

Alaska by Harriet O'Brien

Arizona by John Walsh

Arkansas by Simon Calder

California by Simon Calder

Colorado by Tam Leach

Connecticut by Harriet O'Brien

Delaware by Simon Calder

Florida by David Schneider

Georgia by Marcel Theroux

Hawaii by Joanne Harris

Idaho by Simon Calder

Illinois by Sue MacGregor

Indiana by Simon Calder

Iowa by Leonard Doyle

Kansas by David Orkin

Kentucky by Cathy Packe

Louisiana by Marcel Theroux

Maine by Cathy Packe

Maryland by Simon Calder

Massachusetts by Rob Sharp

Michigan by Ben Ross

Minnesota by Harriet O'Brien

Mississippi by Richard Knight

Missouri by Roger Mosey

Montana by Simon Calder

Nebraska by Ryan van Berkmoes

Nevada by Ruby Wax

New Hampshire by Justin Webb

New Jersey by Cathy Packe

New Mexico by Stephen Wood

New York by Will Hawkes

North Carolina by Rob Crossan

North Dakota by Tam Leach

Ohio by Ben Ross

Oklahoma by Simon Calder

Oregon by Tam Leach

Pennsylvania by Ryan van Berkmoes

Rhode Island by Simon Calder

South Carolina by Justin Webb

South Dakota by David Orkin

Tennessee by Rob Crossan

Texas by Alex Hannaford

Utah by Matt Carroll

Vermont by Mark C O'Flaherty

Virginia by Leonard Doyle

Washington by Simon Calder

West Virginia by Katherine Doyle

Wisconsin by Christopher Wakling

Wyoming by Cameron Wilson