Welcome to The Independent’s Travel Podcast Service, which is designed to give you an insider's guide to destinations all over the world. You join our travel editor, Simon Calder, who always knows where to stay, where to eat and what to do in destinations at home and abroad.

The Independent's Travel Podcast Service is recorded to the highest broadcast standards, and the guides are free to download. This time, Simon visits Huatulco on Mexico’s Pacific coast. For his podcast, click here . Here are some of the highlights.

Huatulco is, as Simon point outs, a long way from home – a non-stop flight from the UK takes 12 hours – so, is it worth going the distance? The answer, it seems, is a resounding yes – if you want to discover the real Mexico.

The three main areas are Tangolunda, Santa Cruz and La Crucecita, which has only sprung up since 1985 but is now the hub of Huatulco. Simon explores all three, enjoying history, culture and some breathtaking scenery along the way, including endless beaches and bays and mountains with views to die for.

He also samples some of the local delicacies, discovers what the best souvenirs are and where to go for Huatulco’s (somewhat sedate) nightlife, water sports and other activities.

Huatulco is, Simon decides, the gentlest of introductions to this land of wonders, an uncrowded place where everyone’s friendly and there’s plenty to see and do. In short, it’s the perfect resort for families who want to relax.

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