The art lover's guide to Japanese museums

The nation's cultural institutions are demystified in a new book

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With displays of anything from folk crafts to modern sculptures, the museums of Japan can be difficult to navigate without first-hand knowledge.

A new book, The art lover's guide to Japanese museums by Sophie Richard, illustrates some of the nation's most interesting cultural institutions, using photography and first-hand research to bring them to life.

There are over 5,600 museums in Japan, ranging from tranquil open-air collections of heritage houses to exhibitions of centuries-old woodblock prints and religious artefacts. Many don't provide English-language information - a stumbling block for the enquiring first-time visitor seeking to get a glimpse of the nation's fascinating cultures and history.

With descriptions of each, along with opening hours, admission prices, access information and tips such as which museums require the removal of shoes or those that have noteworthy shops and cafes, this is an indispensable guide for the cultural traveller to Japan.


The art lover's guide to Japanese museums by Sophie Richard is published by The Japan Society, £18.99