Where to go in 2013: Turkey


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Why go in 2013? Some fresh perspectives

Maybe you've already been to Turkey, but have you really seen it beyond Istanbul and the coastal resorts? New low-cost airlines and excellent bus services have opened up fresh areas.

Why not see Cappadocia's honeycombed wind-eroded volcanic tufa by hot-air balloon, horseback or on foot? Central Anatolia's premier tourist destination is now wildly popular, but it's still easy for intrepid travellers to escape deeperwithin it.

Cuisine from the eastern regions is becoming popular in Istanbul. Cross the Bosphorus to Kadikoy for Ciya Sofrasi's spin on Anatolia's collage of Levantine and Arab flavours. In the suburb of Cihangir, the Van Kahvalti Evi specialises in food from the city of Van. Tuck into herb-studded cheeses, kaymak (clotted cream) with honey, and menemen (scrambled eggs).

In June 2013, Turkey hosts the Mediterranean Games and there's the annual Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival in the western city of Edirne.

Life-changing experiences

Ferry-hop between Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus and explore the sleepy Princes Islands. Tour Istanbul's markets, then learn the secrets of Turkish cuisine at a cookery class. In Anatolia, sample past civilisations amid the poignant remains of Ani and Aphrodisias.