A year after the Nepal earthquake: a Sherpa's view

Tourists are returning to this magnificent Himalayan nation, but more are needed to support its economy. One of its native Sherpas recalls the moment disaster struck and how the recovery has taken shape

How Vang Vieng in Laos has worked hard to improve its reputation

In the scruffy Laotian town of Vang Vieng, there's only one statistic that matters. It has been more than three years since the last death on the river. From the waitress in the riverside bar, to the government official in his glacially air-conditioned office, the same boast is rolled off the tongue with relish: “Not one death, not a single one.” 

Pain and pleasure in paradise

Bali isn’t all about the beach – Simon Parker hikes to the summits of two of its volcanoes and a  mountain for good measure, in just under 19 hours