"While staying in the 'Lake District' of India," writes Keith Charlton of Leicester, "we visited the Fateh Prakash Palace Hotel for afternoon tea. On seeing there were no empty tables by the window, I tried to move another table to a vacant window space. To my horror the marble table top underneath the table-cloth slid off and smashed into pieces.

"The under-manager asked that I pay 15,000 rupees (pounds 250). When I said I did not have this money available he requested that we see the manager, who explained how valuable an antique the marble top was. I said I would arrange payment when I returned to England. He pondered this and went away. Amazingly, the under-manager then returned to say the matter was closed and thanked us for our time.

"We came out with a free tea - but I am not sure I would recommend this approach. It says much for the quality of service at this hotel."