This week's random co-ordinates chosen by the computer are: 60 27' N 6 40' E
First Reaction

I'm sliding. But the view is great.

Country And Region

You have landed in the Hordland region of Norway, perilously lodged halfway up an extremely steep mountainside. At your feet is one of Norway's most dramatic natural features, the Hardanger Fjord. Those deep cold waters may be the last thing you will ever see.

Nature Of The Terrain

Wet grass, black stones, stunted trees, all at a very steep angle from the horizontal.


About 300 metres.

Possible Hazards

Tumbling head-first into the icy waters of the Hardanger Fjord. Now that the summer cruises have gone, your chances of survival are slim.

Useful Languages

Take your pick. Asking Norwegians if they speak the language of your choice elicits retorts such as "Of course!" "Bien sur!" "Naturlich!" (etc).

Take Me To Your Leader

Norway's new Prime Minister is a man this time: Mr Kjell Magne Bondevik, recently ousted Europe's only female prime minister Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland.

Likely Weather Conditions

Not good. Scandinavia is having a cold time of it, with tons of wet snow being dumped over the slopes around you.

Reasons For Hanging Around

If you can get yourself onto level ground, you are in one of the most glorious parts of Europe. Try some early skiing at the friendly resort of Voss or jump aboard the spectacular Bergen-Oslo railway which runs just a few kilometres to the north.

Getting The Hell Out Of There

Slide your way around the mountainside to the hamlet of Maustflot, which is virtually at sea level - it's only a kilometre away. From here crawl along the water's edge to the spur of the Voss railway and you'll be anywhere in Europe within a day.