For more than five centuries, travellers have brought their hopes and dreams to America. The earliest pioneers saw it as a virgin wilderness ready for shaping into a New World. For the tourists of today, the USA is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, and with more than 35 million visitors each year, family-oriented Florida is its capital.

With up-market two-week fly-drive deals in the Unijet Florida Summer 1999 brochure starting at just pounds 405 (and less than pounds 199 for children), a fun-filled trip to the "sunshine state's" beaches, theme parks and fast- food restaurants all seems indecently affordable for next year. Most of the Unijet hotels on offer seem to be of the large modern variety, but these are probably ideal for the young families that frequent them. Many offer free transport to the 11 Disney theme parks, allow children to eat for free, and all have the essential swimming pool.

But if this sounds a tad tame for your American dream holiday, then take a look at the RAC/Virgin Holidays Classic Global Drives 98/99 brochure. This rather arty effort gives you the chance to relive your favourite American road movie - whether it be Easy Rider or The Cannon Ball Run. You can cruise the Pacific Coast Highway, be seduced by the Deep South, circle the great Grand Canyon, or get your kicks on Route 66.

Strung between the eastern and western coasts, Route 66 is easily the most evocative of the trips on offer. As the brochure notes: "The change from the industrial areas of the East, to the prairie lands of middle America, the deserts and canyons of Western folklore and the ultimate playgrounds of Las Vegas and Los Angeles, shows you the heart and soul of American culture..." Prices for the trip start at pounds 889 - quite reasonable as this includes flights, hotels, and a car that will have considerably depreciated in value by the time you've finished - 15 days and over 2,500 miles later.

RAC/Virgin Holidays Classic Global Drives: 01293 544 889

Unijet Florida Summer 1999: 0500 767 767