TRANSATLANTIC airlines have embarked on their usual January round of price cuts. Trailfinders (071-938 3232), for example, is offering what it says is its cheapest ever fare from London to Los Angeles: a pounds 209 return that must be bought before 15 February, the stay must include a Saturday night, and the return flight must be made before 31 March. Other Trailfinder return fares to the US include: Boston and New York pounds 189, Miami pounds 199 and Orlando pounds 209.

For the South Pacific, Air New Zealand (081-741 2299) is offering reduced fares for groups. Return fares to Fiji, Tonga, Western Samoa and the Cook Islands start at pounds 472 - pounds 448 off the normal advance purchase fare - based on eight people travelling in a party. For two, the return fare costs pounds 672 each.