TOP TEN best-selling books on travelling the world by train:

1. Silk Route by Rail by Dominic Streatfield-James (Trailblazer Publications, pounds 9.95).

2. Trans-Siberian Rail Guide by Robert Strauss (Compass Publications, pounds 12.95).

3. New Rail Map of Europe (Thomas Cook, pounds 4.95).

4. Europe by Train 1994 by Katie Wood and George McDonald (HarperCollins, pounds 9.99).

5. European Rail Traveller's Phrasebook (Thomas Cook, pounds 3.95).

6. France by Train by Simon Vickers (Hodder & Stoughton, pounds 12.99).

7. Britain by Britrail 1994-95 by George and LaVerne Ferguson (Globe Pequot Press, pounds 8.95).

8. North American Rail and Bus Guide (Thomas Cook, pounds 6.95).

9. The World Train Travel Guide 1994-95 (Kuperard, pounds 10.95).

10. Mexico by Train by Gary A Poole (Hunter Publishing, pounds 10.95).

Information supplied by the Travellers' Bookshop, 25 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ (071- 836 9132).