Departures: Smutty trip

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MS A BAKER of Swansea writes that she recently went on a coach holiday with a local firm. She says the 'in-coach' entertainment consisted largely of smutty jokes.

'I enjoy coach travel. I dislike smutty humour. Has any reader had a similar experience on a similar holiday run by a nationally known firm?'

Mr Cleary of Harrogate writes that he is fed up with coach drivers who play unsolicited music through the loudspeaker system. 'We have suffered in France and several times in Spain where the couriers and drivers share a common belief that the joy of their passengers is enhanced by a diet of 'Viva Espana' and 'Granada'.'

If Ms A Baker doesn't mind 'Viva Espana' and Mr Cleary has a penchant for smutty jokes, perhaps they should trade information on coach companies.