----------------------------------------------------------------- GUIDES TO LIVING AND WORKING ABROAD ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Work Your Way Around The World by Susan Griffith (Vacation Work, pounds 9.95) 2. Summer Jobs Abroad 1994 edited by David Woodworth (Vacation Work, pounds 7.95) 3. How To Live & Work In New Zealand by Joy Muirhead (How To Books, pounds 9.99) 4. Live And Work In Canada by Avril Harper (Grant Dawson, pounds 11) 5. How To Live And Work In Saudi Arabia by J McGregor and M Nydell (How To Books, pounds 8.99) 6. Volunteer Work (Central Bureau, pounds 7.99) 7. The Au Pair And Nanny's Guide To Working Abroad by Susan Griffith and Sharon Legg (Vacation Work, pounds 8.95) 8. Living And Working In France: A Survival Handbook by David Hampshire (Survival, pounds 10.95) 9. Student Helpbooks: A Year Off . . . A Year On? (Hobsons, pounds 6.99) 10. English In Asia: Teaching Tactics by John Wharton (Global Press, pounds 8.95) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Information supplied by The Travellers' Bookshop, 25 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ (071- 836 9132): it also sells the fortnightly Overseas Jobs Express. -----------------------------------------------------------------