Ten books to help plan school holiday trips:

1. Teenager's Vacation Guide to Work, Study and Adventure: Britain and Abroad (Vacation Work, pounds 6.95).

2. Family France: How to choose the right holiday (Boxtree, pounds 8.99) by Frank Barrett.

3. Travel with Children (Lonely Planet, pounds 5.95).

4. The Best of Britain for Children (Dial Press, pounds 9.99) by Deborah Jaffe and Sue McAlpine.

5. Kids' Britain (Piccolo, pounds 3.99) by Betty Jerman.

6. Travel Games for Kids (Foulsham, pounds 1.99) by Andrew Langley.

7. Children's London (Nicholson, pounds 4.50).

8. Kidding Around the National Parks of the South-west: A Young Person's Guide (John Muir, pounds 7.99).

9. Family Naturism in Europe (EGL Enterprises, pounds 14.99).

10. Frommer's San Francisco with Kids (Frommers, pounds 12.99).

Information supplied by The Travellers' Bookshop, 25 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ (071-836 9132).