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This week's best-selling travel books:

1. The Rough Guide to Prague (Penguin, pounds 7.99)

2. The Best Bed & Breakfast: Great Britain 1993 (UKHM Publishing, pounds 8.95)

3. Work Your Way Around the World by Susan Griffith (Vacation Work, pounds 9.95)

4. Cuba: Travellers Survival Kit by Simon Calder (Vacation Work, pounds 9.95)

5. The Rough Guide to Spain (Penguin, pounds 8.99)

6. South-east Asia on a shoestring (Lonely Planet, pounds 12.95)

7. Michelin Green Tourist Guide: New England (Michelin, pounds 7.25)

8. Charming Small Hotel Guide: France and Corsica (Duncan Peterson, pounds 8.99)

9. Western Europe on a shoestring (Lonely Planet, pounds 14.95)

10. The Next Wave: A Survey of World Surfing (Bok Books, pounds 25)

Information supplied by the Travellers' Bookshop, 25 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ (071-836 9132)