THE decision to call off England's one-day cricket international at Ahmedabad because of civil unrest has highlighted the continuing problems of travel in India. The Foreign Office is warning travellers to Bombay and Gujarat state to proceed with caution and to avoid the troubled areas.

'In Bombay the situation remains unpredictable and volatile,' it says. 'Travellers may experience severe difficulties travelling to and from the airport. Local transport has been severely disrupted and few taxis are operating. We recommend only essential visits to Bombay.'

The FO says that internal airline schedules in India are still being disrupted by a pilots' strike and are likely to be further affected by an accident at Delhi airport on 9 January which has led to the withdrawal from service of certain leased aircraft.

'The entire Kashmir Valley remains highly dangerous for foreign visitors. They are strongly advised to avoid the area. The Ladakh area is quiet. In Punjab there are violent daily incidents and indiscriminate attacks. Only essential visits should be made. Violence has spread into areas bordering Punjab and also northern and western Uttar Pradesh. Travel to Assam should be restricted to escorted groups and essential business visits only.'

For further information contact the Foreign Office Travel Advice Unit (071-270 4129).