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MY FAVOURITE fashion travel accessory is my collection of sunglasses. I can disappear behind them, use them to change my image, hide my tired eyes - and, oh yes, protect my eyes from the sun. Here are a few of the glasses fashion victims will be wearing on holiday this year.


You've seen the car, now buy the sunglasses. Porsche Design Sunglasses, precision engineering for the eyes, a must-have for the traveller who has everything. Look out for The Boxter, launched in 1997 by supermodel Caprice (pounds 185) and Design Proton which come with easy-to-change magnetic lenses (pounds 199). The Sunglass Hut (tel: 0181-405 4000).


World-renowned Ray-Ban, famous for its Aviator sunglasses, are not bad value for money either - they don't even break when you sit on them in the plane. The latest addition is the sporty Sidestreet collection. One of the coolest in the range has to be the SideStreet Combo (pounds 89.99): steel- grey, black and arista with unique side cups in smoke grey, they put a futuristic spin on traditional eye-wear. Littlewoods Catalogue (tel: 0800 600400).


Once the choice of top VIPs, the new Diesel sunglasses are plastic-looking and can turn your world to an irritating shade of pink. But if you insist, mask-shaped models such as "Speeder", "Full Beam" and "Visor 2" (around pounds 70) are for lovers of wraparounds. Call for stockists (tel: 01423 567998).


The intertwined G symbol on the stems of Gucci sunglasses is neither subtle nor stylish but is instantly recognised the world over. Favourites include Gucci tortoiseshells (pounds 89 from Boots) and two-tone sunglasses (pounds 92 Freemans Catalogue). Boots (tel: 0845 0708090); Freemans Catalogue (tel: 0800 900 200).


These are for posers who want everyone to know what they are wearing. The sunglasses feature hearts, safety pins and, of course, the name Moschino is stylishly positioned on the glasses. Cool and ultrafashionable, styles worth considering are 3010 at pounds 125, 3039 at pounds 120 and 3515 at pounds 105. Luxotica (tel: 0181-830 0393).

cK and Calvin Klein

cK sunglasses are for those who like style but don't shout about it. With the low-key cK logo on the side, designs to look out for are cK4000 at pounds 50, Calvin Klein 101 at pounds 122, and cK2011 at pounds 83. Call for stockists (tel: 0800 722020).

Face a Face

The name this year is Face a Face. Show-offs will enjoy the lime-green Rocco glasses with tortoiseshell lenses (pounds 85). Most of the shapes are oval and wraparounds. Dustin Hoffman, Sigourney Weaver, and Dennis Hopper are all fans. Prices from pounds 80 to pounds 250. Face a Face (tel: 0181-888 3978).

Riccardo Polinelli

If you want stylish designer glasses at half the price (around pounds 50) check out Riccardo Polinelli's sunglasses. Who's he? An up-and-coming Italian designer who is better value than most because he's less famous. Boots (tel: 0845 0708090).


A good pair of ski sunglasses has side shields to prevent UV rays entering the eyes, is ultra-light and is not made of glass but of Polycarbonate, giving extra strength and durability. Bolle's Snakes range of sunglasses have lightweight frames and can take a severe battering. In various colours from pounds 35. Bolle (tel: 0181-770 1768).

Karen Banyon