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FOR FUN on the slopes it's important to have the right equipment, and that goes for your children, too. Here's a pick of some essentials, and gadgets, for younger skiers.

Reindeer Harness pounds 39.95

This is a fully adjustable harness for children weighing between 11 and 20 kilos. It attaches around a child's waist, has a removable two-metre rein and a handle for adults to hold on to, preventing children from sliding down the mountain. It's suitable only on small slopes and you need to be a good skier yourself. This is good but I must admit after an hour or so I had to stop for a break as I had forgotten how snowploughs can make the tops of your leg ache.

Available through Snow & Rock Mail-order (tel: 0845 084 1000). Rating: 8/10

Little Bigfoot pounds 99.95

These are the children's version of adult Big Foots. They have an easily adjustable foot plate that fits children's shoe sizes from the age of approximately two to seven years. These are excellent fun and I also found that it makes the children lean forwards, an important part of learning to ski. They are a bit expensive but your child is sure to get lots of pleasure from them.

For stockists, call Elis Brigham (tel: 0161-834 5555). Rating: 8/10

Cebe Adjustable Ski Helmet pounds 39.95

Wearing a ski helmet has become essential for every child's safety in the mountains. They protect a child's head from shocks and impacts, bumps and bruises. Cebe's adjustable Helmet is totally protective, lightweight and is easily adjustable for children aged 6 to 14. It's better to buy a brightly coloured one as this makes it easier to spot your children on the slopes.

For stockists, call Cebe (tel: 01364 631270) Rating: 8/10

Try-Ski pounds 29.99

This is probably one of my best ever buys. It's a device that attaches to the ski tips of children who are learning to ski. This helps them to master snowplough turns without crossing their skis. Both of my kids learnt to ski with it and it's also used in many ski schools world-wide. Adults use them too.

For Stockists, call Specialist Optical (tel: 01753 888411). Rating: 10/10

Lego Bumbag pounds 9.50

A bumbag in Lego's bright primary colours of yellow, blue and red. This is great for older children to pack their ski cream, lip balm, lunch money and any bits and pieces in. It attaches around the waist and can be hidden under your child's ski jacket.

Available from Lego shop, (tel: 0171-704 9564). Rating: 7/10

Cebe Teen DB Goggle pounds 24.95

It is worth buying children's goggles and this pair are fully adjustable and suitable for children aged 8 to 16 years. These are not the cheapest pair on the market, as they are really a child's version of adult goggles. They have a streamlined double lens and are also fog resistant. If you are buying for toddlers (aged 0 to 3) I recommend the Cebe Baby Goggles pounds 9.95.

For stockists, call Cebe (tel: 01364 631270). Rating: 8/10

Karen Banyon