Down the Tube

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NAOMI CONNELLY of Richmond writes in response to my feature on Old Street tube station (Independent Traveller, 22 January) through which she passed regularly. 'You omitted what always struck me as the most ironic thing about this station: that it is called St Agnes Well.' Indeed: the shops in the station do give St Agnes Well as their postal address, an unwonted dash of bucolic whimsy in this starkly urban spot.

Tony Dodd of Hatfield, another one-time regular user, was always perplexed by the public phones. 'There is often a group of people standing by, waiting for one to ring, which they then rush to answer. What conversations are going on, I have often wondered. Other times, the phones have rung and nobody will pick them up.' I think it takes a certain sort of person to answer a public phone.

I will let you know if McDonald's takes over one of the shops and opens the world's first McDonald's in an Underground station.