A group of passengers helped to restrain the man after he began leaning on the seats of passengers / YouTube

The plane was travelling from Riga to Dublin when the man started behaving strangely

A Ryanair flight to Dublin was forced to make an emergency landing in Denmark on Tuesday after a drunken man stripped semi-naked and began punching the cabin walls.

The man who was on the flight from Riga to Dublin, Ireland had to be restrained by fellow passengers after the cabin crew became worried about his strange behaviour.

In the video, the unnamed man can be seen standing topless at the back of the plane flexing his muscles and making strange grunting noises. He then begins to punch and elbow the cabin walls before leaning onto the seats of confused passengers.

As his actions become more unpredictable, the footage then shows a group of passengers working together to restrain the man.

A decision was then made by the plane’s pilot to make an unscheduled stop at Aarhus Airport, Denmark so that the man could be arrested.

Peter Hallstrøm from East Jutland Police told the Daily Mail: “A plane was diverted because of a drunk person, so we had to arrest him.

“He was uneasy on board the aircraft, and the staff could not handle him.”

Local press reports said that the man was tied up by staff until the plane landed in Dublin.

Hallstrøm said that despite the man’s “provocative” actions, he was non-violent throughout the flight and did not resist arrest on landing.

He confirmed that the man spent the evening in East Jutland Police custody but did not say whether the man would face charges or not.