In how many different countries have you eaten over the space of one day? Beat Jeremy Atiyah's score of five and you could win two first- class tickets on Eurostar
The roll call of meals and countries during my weekend in Luxembourg was, briefly, as follows. For breakfast I had croissants and coffee in the railway station in sunny Luxembourg City. For lunch I enjoyed sausage and beer in a bar across the Moselle River in Germany (the Germans may not be famous for their food but the steamed sausage is one of their greatest contributions to man). My pre-dinner drink was served to me some hours later in a seedy bar near the Gare de Midi in the Belgian capital Brussels. Dinner then comprised lemon sole and prawn salad on Eurostar as the plains of northern France flashed past at 180 miles per hour, and finally, on arrival back in England, I dropped in at my local for a late half of Guinness before heading to bed.

We are now extending a challenge to readers of the Independent on Sunday. How may different countries can you do? We are looking for entertaining accounts from readers who have managed to partake of meals, snacks and drinks in as many different countries as possible in the space of a single day. Avoid absurdity: if your account is fictitious, it should be believable enough for us not to know any better (stories of breakfast in Bermuda and lunch in Australia for example are unlikely to impress).

Send us the story of your day of itinerant eating in no more than 500 words and the author of the most entertaining (and credible) account will receive two first-class return Eurostar tickets to Brussels. In addition, the winning entry will be published in the Independent on Sunday travel pages.

Send your entry, typed and double spaced on unlined paper to: Food Olympics, Travel Desk, Independent on Sunday, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5DL. Alternatively, fax it to: 0171 293 2043, or email it to:, putting "Food Olympics" in the subject field.

Entries must be received by Monday 30 June. All other Newspaper Publishing rules apply.

The Independent on Sunday travel editor's decision will be final.

Prize tickets may be used at any time before 31 December this year.

Happy eating.