Rapperport's epic 3,000 mile journey was captured on his hands-free camera / Vimeo/Joshua Rapperport

Harvard student Joshua Rapperport recorded his whole trip using a hands free camera

An American college student has created an epic five minute video montage capturing his journey across Southeast Asia by motorbike.

The five minute video titled Asia and a Motorbike, follows the adventures of American traveller Joshua Rapperport through the lens of a hands-free camera as he travels through countries like Thailand, Laos and China.

Harvard student Rapperport's journey lasted for a total of 2,982 miles and saw him take in some of the continent’s most breath-taking scenery, as well as getting involved in a few close calls.

At one point in the film, Californian Rapperport is filmed being knocked off of his bike by a fellow motorcyclist.

The video also features clips from Rapperport’s trip where he is not on his bike, including one that has him celebrating the New Year in Thailand by jumping through a fire hoop.

The video was uploaded onto Vimeo last week and has already received over 175,000 plays, with over 150,000 of them coming yesterday.