Flight upgrade? Try one of these bizarre tactics

Instead of languishing in economy, take a leaf out of these passengers' books to try and sit up front

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For many, flying first or business class is as much of a dream as flying to the moon – so it’s little wonder that they'll go to extremes to try and persuade the check-in staff to bump them up from economy.

Whether it’s subtly hinting that it’s their birthday, or that they're heading off on honeymoon, there are endless reasons given, that may or not be true.

Virgin Atlantic, which offers upper class and premium economy above economy class on its flights, surveyed its crew members and staff to find out some of the most outrageous attempts to being upgraded.

Relationship woes

Apparently one passenger asked to be moved up a class to get away from his wife.

For networking

One enterprising passenger wanted to move to a different class in the hopes that he'd meet Richard Branson and be able to pitch a business idea to him.

Tired parent

Travelling with a teething baby is not the dream situation, which led one tired dad to ask the crew whether he could be upgraded away from his child.

Magic tricks

A plucky magician offered to perform tricks for the crew and fellow passengers, for the small price of being moved to upper class.

Impress the boss

One eager beaver was travelling with his boss – who was seated in premium economy – and wanted to be moved from economy to upper class, so he could wave to his boss from the bar.

Heartbreak flight

One poor soul was travelling after a break-up, so pulled the sad eyes to see if the crew would move them up to a better class.