'Have you tried to phone one of London's airports recently?', enquires Don Keller of Haringey. Indeed, if you look in the current BT London business phone book for a number for Gatwick, Stansted and Heathrow, the listing says 'see our display advertisement'. The problem is, there is no display ad.

BAA, which operates the airports, says it is aware of the problem but that nothing can be done until the phone book's next edition in 1995. Anyone trying to find out about flight arrivals or airport facilities is obliged to call Directory Enquiries on 192. BAA and BT say enquiry staff have been instructed to credit callers for the 25p cost of this service, but in a sample of 10 calls only one operator asked for my number in order to chalk up the credit. So, in an exclusive money-saving offer, this column can reveal that the numbers for London's airports are Heathrow: 081- 759 4321; Gatwick: 0293 535353; and Stansted 0279 680500.