From the ashes of Hotel Club Paraiso rises Ibiza Rocks - live music venue/hotel extraordinaire which over the past three years has introduced live music, rock music to The White Isle whilst flawlessly silencing its critics and literally rocking the island of Ibiza to its very core.

Taking a brave but confident step away from the extortionate dance beats which many call the heart beat of the island, Ibiza Rocks has stepped even further away from the crowd, the crowd being 'super' clubs with their day-glow sticks, hedonistic highs and hot pants culture. It was 2006, the 90's were over and Ibiza Rocks had landed with its own Ray Ban and skinny jean wearing, style conscious and achingly cool crowd, this new crowd came to lead a revolution, a rock revolution in a dance world.

Ibiza Rocks sits right in the heart of San Antonio a couple of minutes from the crest shaped beach and chill bars to-be-seen-at - Cafe Del Mar and Mambo. The vibrant and palm tree lined West End includes super nightclubs Es Paradis and Eden all only a ten minute walk from the hotel.

Ibiza Rocks has a sanctuary type feel from the moment you arrive, an indie safe haven away from the hysteria and crowds of San Antonio. Once inside it is easy to understand what a genius concept Ibiza Rocks truly is. In the reception, an old bath tub is used as a seat - just one example of some of the anti-furniture that fills the glass-panelled reception. Promotional posters cover the walls, free condoms sit in a basket on the reception desk whilst staff in neon bright Ibiza Rocks t-shirts playfully work to a soundtrack of Britpop and a backdrop of plasma screens playing footage of previous acts who have played live at the hotel - The Enemy, Dizzee Rascal, The Streets. This could quite possibly be the most fun job in the world.

The iconic Ibiza Rocks plectrum logo set against strong neon colours screams with self-confidence. In fact, the branding is near perfect, with Ibiza Rocks emerging as one of the strongest players on the Island. A range of clothing and accessories all branded with the plectrum can be bought from the Ibiza Rocks shop which is right inside the hotel.

Guests (Ibiza Rockette's) wander throughout the hotel confirming their allegiance by dressing in Ibiza Rocks t-shirts, many lay next to the plectrum lined and glistening pool on their plectrum logo towels, drinking out of plectrum logo pint glasses (probably). This is a cult. Overlooking the huge pool sits the boss, the head of Ibiza Rocks, the leader of the cult - the stage. Laying low during the day sizzling under the hot Ibizan sun and as the sun sets the pyrotechnics come alive to an explosion of guitar-led bass line and indie, not dance, beats.

Every Tuesday throughout the summer The Ibiza Rocks stage plays host to live sets from some of indie's freshest and finest bands and in fact the acts so far this summer have been quite eclectic. From the eccentric Groove Armada, electro Friendly Fires, Keane (yes, Keane in Ibiza), rock gods; Kasabian, The Kooks and the pop/dance duo the Ting Tings. It seems that Ibiza rocks is far from rigid and is has plenty of room under its "Rocks" umbrella. And the Ibiza Rocks' reputation is clearly growing and has even reached stateside as trendy Brooklyn band Vampire Weekend and MGMT grace the hotel with their hip presence. Innovative acts are always seeking innovative backdrops for their music so this seems like a match made in heaven. The presence of these well respected, successful American bands can only enhance the growing reputation of Ibiza rocks. Glastonbury who? This is a summer long festival, Ibiza style.

The Ibiza Rocks Hotel has three outdoor pools, with two poolside bars and chill out lounges all nestled nicely in the arms of its hotel court yard. The rooms surround the rectangular courtyard of which if it were possible to create a plectrum shape court yard, Ibiza Rocks sure would have. The accommodation category varies from studios to Superior Rooms which boast a plasma TV, X-Box, fresh fruit, flowers and a front and back terrace. Why would anyone need a front and back terrace? The front terrace is used by most on Tuesday's only - gig day. Such is the position of the stage; guests can watch the gig exclusively from their very own terrace, or balcony, if staying in a studio. As the sun sets over Ibiza Rocks, with a chilled drink in hand look out over the crowds below and join the rock revolution - rock out - just don't throw the tv out of the window.

The hotel operates a no cash policy, which is a great idea, you simply top-up your room key and use as and when be it in the on site supermarket, the restaurant or the 24 hour bar.

Ibiza Rocks offers guests the key to an Indie haven where there's no rain, no mud and no rules. Just rock and roll.

Stay at Ibiza Rocks Hotel from £19 per person, per night, based on three sharing a standard studio room. This includes a gig ticket to Ibiza Rocks and free entry to Reclaim the Dance floor at Eden.

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