Salisbury in the UK came in seventh place

Washington DC is Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015 Best City winner this year.

The accolade went to the US capital for a variety of reasons, including the combination of free museums, its iconic stature as the heart of American democracy and its unique fusion of culture, drawing from all sides of the United States.

Salisbury in the UK came in seventh place because it is no longer a stopping point on the way to Stonehenge, it is ‘bursting with history, top class restaurants, atmospheric nightlife and a host of festivals planned for 2015’ according to Lonely Planet contributor Tom Hall.

The criteria for the list examined whether the cities were hosting any special events in 2015, whether there has been recent developments, and whether the city looks set to become popular with tourists soon.

El Chaltén in Argentina followed Singapore in second place, and in third, Milan received recognition for its international reputation as the heart of fashion.

Plovdiv in Bulgaria was praised for its small size and accessibility, as well as its rich history. Toronto may be bitterly cold in the winter, but its thriving multi-cultural atmosphere and the fact that it will be hosting the Pan-Am Games in July 2015 were a factor in its high placement.