"Woodies", "airtime" "inversions", "G-roll": the language of coasters is as fraught as the business of riding them. So let Emma Haughton and her panel of experts experience the best rides going ? so that you don't have to...

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Best steel coaster
Nemesis, Staffordshire
Magnum XL-200, Ohio
Superman: Ride of Steel, Maryland
Millennium Force, Ohio
Incredible Hulk, Florida
Mindbender, Canada
Alpengeist, Virginia
Superman: The Escape, California
Steel Force, Pennsylvania
Montu, Florida
Medusa, New Jersey
Volcano: The Blast Coaster, Virginia
Dragon Khan, Spain
Raging Bull, Illinois
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, France
Apollo's Chariot, Virginia
Texas Tornado, Texas
The Ultimate, North Yorkshire
Pepsimax Big One, Blackpool
Oblivion, Staffordshire
Kumba, Florida

The Panel
Steve O'Brien, 36, has been riding coasters since he was seven and is a regular contributor on www.rollercoaster.com . Justin Garvanovic is editor-in-chief of coaster magazine First Drop and founder of the European Coaster Club ( www.coasterclub.org ). Andy Hine is chairman and founder of the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain ( www.rccgb.co.uk ). He has now sampled 90 per cent of the world's coasters. Chris Cox, 16, is a member of RCCGB and has experienced many of the world's best rides. He went on his first coaster at the age of six.