A look at some of the week's best offbeat travel stories.

A taxing break

If doing your taxes gets you down, how about inserting a little luxury into the experience? New York's Duane Street Hotel has launched a "Crunch Time" package which includes a one-night stay, unlimited in-room coffee, free Taxes for Dummies book and access to an iPad loaded with TurboTax, along with a round of celebratory cocktails when you've got all your sums done. The package starts at $370.

Bus realignment

The US Federal Transit Administration is proposing to increase the average passenger weight for testing buses, it emerged this week. Heftier passengers and a flaw in the testing methodology means that some buses weren't subjected to real-life conditions, according to a media report.

Zombies ahead

A pair of highway signs in the US state of South Carolina have been warning motorists of strange occurrences, apparently after being tampered with by hackers. Drivers on Lancaster County's Highway 160 were warned of strange happenings - including "Zombies Ahead" and "Be alert for Tanks."

In much the same vein, a Russian hacker was jailed for 18 months this week for altering an electronic advertising billboard so that it screened a pornographic video, causing a traffic jam in central Moscow.

Cool tarmac

Police in rural Zanzibar have warned residents not to sleep on the island's new roads, after locals took to napping on the highways to cool off from their poorly-ventilated houses. Television sets beside the road complete the outdoor living effect, although the trend has reportedly sparked complaints from drivers.