Star turn: book ahead for the new route / EPA

Where readers write back

For the past 10 years we have had the capability to know where a plane is at all times. In the event of a crash we should be able to get to the site early and possibly save lives. In an age of high bandwidth satellite communication and internet it is lunacy to be searching for the black boxes.

Sy Levine

AirAsia is one of the best regional carriers around – I've flown on it often. This is AirAsia's first loss and all their equipment is young.

"Fool Britannia"

The sooner real-time data streaming is mandatory worldwide, the better. Close airspace to all that do not comply.

"Ned Balls"

Eurostar to the South of France

To compare a £49.50 one-way train fare from London to Avignon with that of an Anytime Single from London to Peterborough is comparing apples and oranges. The first requires advance booking with a £30 fee for changes. The other is a walk-up fare, valid on any train. And it is possible to buy an Advance rail ticket from London to Peterborough from £11.50.


Travel in Jordan

Some weeks ago now I contacted you to ask for advice about my then-imminent holiday to Jordan.

I was seriously concerned about the situation in the Middle East and was considering staying at home and losing my money. I decided to go in the end and returned from that trip a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to tell you that it was possibly the most wonderful holiday I've experienced.

Carol Newman