Food on the move: lamb in Emirates First Class

Carriers have increasingly high aspirations for their in-flight dining. Nicola Trup looks at the menus

Once the butt of culinary jokes, airline food has gone through a serious image overhaul in recent years thanks to a slew of celebrity-chef collaborations plus a recent study revealing that in-flight meals are getting healthier. But are they any more tempting? Here are the highlights from four airline menus on the London-Sydney route.



Starter: chickpea and sweetcorn salad with tuna Main: peri peri chicken with a sun-dried tomato sauce, fried herbed potato cubes, sautéed spinach and baby carrots

Dessert: blueberry streusel cake

First Class

Canapés: pumpkin and parmesan muffin, seafood parcel, mini morel beef burger, marinated cherry tomato, parmesan chunks, Kalamata olives

Starter: traditional Arabic mezze including hummus, shanklish salad, tabbouleh, muhammara, stuffed vine leaves and moutabal, potato and lamb kibbeh and spinach fatayer

Main: pan-fried lamb loin and lamb cutlet, cherry jus lié, panache of green peas, mashed potato with mustard and olive oil with herbs

Dessert: vanilla crème brûlée with a shortbread biscuit base, kumquat compote and sugar garnish

Extras: fruit, cheese selection



Main: stir-fried chicken with lemongrass and steamed rice

Side: red cabbage coleslaw

Dessert: sticky toffee pudding

First Class

Starter: Scottish langoustines with orange

and basil sauce and a pickled shimeji mushroom salad

Main: pressed British venison with green peppercorn and red onion marmalade pavé, grand veneur sauce and winter vegetables

Dessert: strawberry soufflé with strawberry compote and herb tuile

Extras: cheese plate, biscuits, fruit, chocolates

Grilled chicken salad in Qantas Economy



Main: braised pork with steamed jasmine rice and mixed vegetables

Side: pea, bean and mint salad

Dessert: ice cream

First Class

Canapés: amuse bouche, caviar with blinis, chive, crème fraiche and chopped egg

Starter: chicken soup with Chinese herbs

Main: Braised chicken with abalone in oyster mushroom sauce, steamed jasmine rice and pak choy with bean curd

Dessert: peach melba torte with a mixed berry compote

Extras: cheese plate



Main: grilled chicken salad with black barley and lemon dressing

Side: garlic bread

Dessert: passionfruit and dulce de leche mousse

First Class

Canapés: spanner crab and harissa tartlet, Ibérico jamón crostini with date and ricotta

Starter: yellowfin tuna with Moroccan aubergine

Main: grilled kingfish fillet with steamed vegetables, lemon and olive oil

Side: salad of baby cos, radicchio and frisée

Dessert: chocolate and orange pot with almond biscuits

Extras: cheese selection, chocolates