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Airport expansion

A new runway is needed to help with the backlog or traffic jam or whatever you want to call it. But this new runway will allow more destinations to be flown to. Why allow more destinations? Would this not mean traffic will expand to fill capacity and we could soon run out of space all over again? Then plans for yet another runway would be on the table.

"Joe Public"

Where's the problem? David Cameron will delay for as long as possible – maybe Gatwick will launch a Judicial Review, maybe we need to look at some environmental impacts. Parliament will soon be all but over – too late for controversial decisions. Then we might have Boris as Prime Minister. And, if push comes to shove, he can always tell Howard Davies to sod off and go for Gatwick.

"The Man on the Clapham Omnibus"

Boris Johnson is deluded if he thinks an airport in the Thames estuary is a good idea. I, and millions of others, are within an hour's drive of Heathrow and 90 minutes of Gatwick. Stansted is more than two hour's drive and an estuary airport would be about three hours. Very few people would find an estuary airport more convenient than any of the three other airports and the majority using them would be faced with a much longer journey than the one they currently face.

"Total Mass Retain"

Midland move?

I struggle to see how Heathrow/Gatwick would be stronger than expanding Birmingham airport. Lots of people and freight have London as their final destination. But also, lots are destined for elsewhere in Britain or for connecting flights and these could be served equally well from outside London as long as there are good transport links.

"The Mark in Remarkable"

Greece is the word

I've been going to Greece my whole life, even during the military junta. As a tourist I did not notice any difference. In Athens, hotels usually have safes to keep your euros, so you are not carrying all your money each day, and you don't need much money at package holiday resorts. The sun, sea and sand and ancient ruins will be just the same to enjoy. "Pension 60"

Cagliari tips

If you plan to eat out in the Sardinian capital any evening, but especially at the weekends, take my advice and book a table in advance. We were there in the summer and every restaurant looked pretty empty, but when we inquired all were booked for the whole evening. We ended up in a café.


No mention of the magnificent modern opera house – one of the best in Italy with high quality productions and casts and reasonable prices.


Living with terror

Why is Tunisia deemed as safe as Spain? Probably the same reason there wasn't a mass exodus from London every time there was a terrorist incident. Life goes on.


Look North-east

As someone who lives in Tynemouth on the North-east coast and who was brought up in Whitby, I was excited when I saw The Independent Traveller's seaside special.

So, can you imagine how I felt when the section was primarily concerned with Dorset, Brighton, Cornwall, and concessions to Wales and Scotland? There was barely a mention of the North-east coast, which in my humble opinion is one of the most beautiful, interesting coastlines in the world.

Kathryn Rolfe

Mane problem

It will be interesting to see how Madeleine Pickens manages the wild horses on her Mustang Monument ranch in Nevada, as featured by The Independent on Sunday. There will come a time when the number of mustangs will reach the carrying capacity of her ranch. She will find herself in a situation very similar to that which the managers of horses on public lands find themselves in – namely, more horses than the land can support will put soil and vegetation at risk from overgrazing, and will see wildlife numbers decline for lack of a healthy ecosystem.

Stewart Lands