ANA unveils first Dreamliner interior - and it's got a bidet

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Japanese airline ANA has unveiled some unique features to be included in the interior of its 787 Dreamliner, set to launch when it becomes the world's first carrier to take delivery of the plane later this year.

The airline showed off its first designs at the Paris Air Show June 22, promising a brighter, more spacious and more comfortable cabin than ever before.

As the launch customer for the 787 Dreamliner, ANA will conduct the aircraft's maiden flight to Asia on July 3, when it will tour several Japanese airports as part of a validation exercise before being returned to Boeing in Seattle.

Travelers won't be able to get a seat on that flight, but when ANA's new 787 finally takes off later this year, they are in for an altogether fresher experience.

ANA's first pictures show a roomy yet private business class, with fully-flat seats, plenty of desk space, widescreen televisions and drinks chillers at the end of the cabin.

Uniquely, the aircraft will be the first to feature Washlet-equipped toilets, which are commonplace in Japan but haven't made it onto the country's airliners, until now.

Overhead bins are large and easy to open, while windows can be shaded at the touch of a button and are considerably larger (8cm) than on a conventional aircraft, although as the aircraft uses new LED lighting which guides passengers through the "phases" of the flight according to the idea of sleeping rhythms, there may not be much need to adjust them at all.

As promised by Boeing last year, the 787 will be pressurized to a lower altitude, a tweak which should reduce headaches and sickness for flyers.

The Paris Air Show runs through June 26 in Paris, France.

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