Renewed and more intensive ash eruptions from Iceland overnight could cause delays to transatlantic flights, European air traffic control authorities have said.

Plumes from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano are continuing to spread across the Atlantic sea, says Eurocontrol, into the path of the busy transatlantic air corridors between Europe and the US.

"Transatlantic flights are being re-routed south of the affected area which could cause delays to these flights," Eurocontrol said in a statement.

Shannon, Donegal, Sligo, Ireland West (Knock), Galway and Kerry, the six airports that were closed in the west of Ireland last night as a precautionary measure, have now reopened.

An ash cloud some 1600 kilometres long and 1100 kilometres wide currently hangs over the Atlantic, according to meteorologists, extending from Iceland as far south as the western edge of the Iberian Peninsula.

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