'Avatar' attraction coming to Disney's theme parks

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Pandora will come to earth when a ride being developed by Disney and James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment, brings Avatar, the biggest blockbuster of all time, to Disney theme parks, Variety reported on September 19.

The attraction will recreate Avatar as an 'experience' similar to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, with Cameron serving as creative consultant.

"James Cameron is a groundbreaking filmmaker and gifted storyteller who shares our passion for creativity, technological innovation and delivering the best experience possible,'' Walt Disney president and CEO Robert A. Iger said in a statement.

Initially, the Avatar-themed attraction will open at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, inside the Animal Kingdom section of the park, but plans include building the Pandora lands at Disney's other parks.

"Our goal is to go beyond current boundaries of technical innovation and experiential storytelling, and give park goers the chance to see, hear, and touch the world of 'Avatar' with an unprecedented sense of reality," said Cameron, noting that the Avatar sequels will feature more locations, characters and stories.

Construction will begin in 2013, so the attraction could debut at the time of the premiere of Avatar 2, December of 2014.

Details are forthcoming for the exact plan for rides, shops, tours and features to be designed by Disney.