You might even find yourself hoping for a delay

We’ve all seen them at airports: the dispossessed passengers. Their flights have been delayed or cancelled, and now the terminal is their home.

The seats at Gate 16 are their beds, their carry-on luggage a pillow, the hood of their coat the only illusion of privacy. At most airports a delayed flight means chaos, discomfort and misery. In these ones, however, a lengthy wait could almost be a bonus. People have had less fun and variety whilst on holiday than you get in these airports.

So if you’ve got a flight change – fingers crossed it could be at one of these. With terminal treasures like this, you might even find yourself hoping for delays...

Scroll through the gallery to see where you can find a yoga room, golf courses, a giant slide, an IMAX, or even buy gold bars.


Matt Lindley is a writer for