Britons 'worst-behaved tourists in Europe'

Britons are the worst-behaved tourists in Europe, according to continental hoteliers.

But the rest of the world sees UK travellers in a far better light, a survey by travel company Expedia revealed.

European hoteliers also named Britons as the messiest, most complaining and worst tippers among tourists.

But worldwide, Britain was second only to Japan as the country with the best tourists overall.

Britons were also beaten to first place in the best-dressed category only by the Italians, with the French third.

British hoteliers voted their own countrymen the second-worst tourists behind the Americans.

Overall, taking in the views of 4,557 hoteliers worldwide, the Japanese were far and away the best tourists, being the quietest, the most polite, the cleanest and the least likely to complain.

The worst tourists overall were the French, who were seen as the meanest tippers and the rudest in Europe.

The top three loudest tourists were the Americans, Italians and Spanish, while Canadians, Germans and Australians joined Japanese and Britons as the politest tourists.

Jonathan Cudworth, head of product marketing at, said: "Being voted the worst tourists in the world by our closest neighbours highlights the fact that the 'Brits Abroad' moniker is a label we still haven't managed to shrug off.

"While we are in second place in the global best-tourist' rankings, we clearly have a job to do to convince our European counterparts and those at home that we can be better behaved on holiday."

Countries with the best tourists were:

1. Japan;
2. Britain;
3. Canada;
4. Germany;
5. Switzerland;
6= Holland;
6= Australia;
8= Sweden
8= USA;
10= Denmark;
10= Norway;
10= Finland;
10= Belgium.