The once-daily British Airways flight to Kiev took off as scheduled / British Airways
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Gatwick v Heathrow

Despite all the whingeing that comes from British Airways about slots at Heathrow, they waste these so-called precious slots on flights to places that do not really need a service from BA (or any other airline), such as Paris. I have little time for our dreadful so-called national airline and recently have made two return trips to the US on Norwegian from Gatwick and found them to be good. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner seating is 3-3-3 across – quite comfortable – and has large overhead storage bins. The in-flight entertainment system was very good. The interior has clearly been configured for a budget style airline. There seemed to be a low take-up of the catering offer. Best to take your own! Norwegian could be described as a 21st-century version of the "Laker Skytrain". It was way back in 1979 that I made my first journey on "Skytrain" to JFK for £59!

Philip E Davies

Single European Sky – two views

The European air-traffic network is archaic and needs replacing. There are so many jurisdictions for such a small airspace, I am surprised there are not more accidents. Western Europe is about the size of Australia, which as a single country has one. Ask any pilot or airline: air-traffic control should be rationalised and consolidated.

"Blue Sky Bob"

Australia, like Canada, is a lot of wide-open space. Europe is well populated throughout. The Russian jet that collided with a courier freight jet a few years back demonstrates you can't skimp on safety.


Villa Epecuén, Buenos Aires' ghost town

I'm from Argentina and live near this "ghost town". You can't help the feeling of solitude and melancholy when visiting this place, and it gets worse when you remember it was once a beautiful summer village.

Luciano A