For the frequent business traveller, the shrinking size of modern technology can only be a good thing. It allows far more work computers, business tools and, most importantly, gadgets to be carried on each trip.

Targus have brought out the Stowaway portable keyboard. The two models can dock with either the Compaq ipaq or the Handspring Visor, and they fold up to the size of a small, pocket-sized, hand-held PC.

To avoid the constant search for scraps of paper to scribble information on, use the Recorder Pen. It uses two different channels to record and play back. You can also, if necessary, write with it.

Essential for the inevitable moment when your mobile runs out of battery halfway through a conversation is the Mo-Go Instant Mobile Charger. Running on three AAA batteries, it allows 50 minutes of talk time or eight hours of standby.

The newly released minuscule digital camera, L'Espion, is one of the slickest new gadgets on the market. At a tiny 5.6cm by 3.9cm by 1.4cm, it fits into your palm and is capable of taking either 20 high-resolution images, 80 low-resolution images or a 10-second movie. It can also be used as a webcam. L'Espion runs off just one AAA battery.

Equally entertaining, although you could probably just about excuse it as being for business purposes, is the Handy Truster Lie Detector. Not much larger than the L'Espion digital camera, it also runs on a tiny power output: two AAA batteries. The lie detector works by creating a voice profile of the subject before analysing their speech flow – great for difficult negotiations.

The business gadget market has also grown to encompass little things that are purely there to make your life easier. One of my favourites is the Personal Cooling System. Running for up to four hours off one AA battery, it weighs just 14 ounces when full of water, and the motor-driven fan creates a lovely evaporative cooling sensation; great for relaxing in the hotel after work but probably not the quite the thing for that important business meeting.

Finally, a great relaxation aid for those late nights in the office or on the plane is the Massage Pen. This comes with a useful body pressure-point chart to help you see what needs to be kneaded to ease your tensions.

L'Espion Digital Camera £39.99, Massage Pen £15.99,; Handy Truster Lie Detector £69.99, Recorder Pen £16.99, Personal Cooling System £39.99,; Targus Portable keyboard £77.71 (Handspring)/£81.63 (Compaq),; Mo-Go Mobile Charger £9.99,

Edward Poultney