The Cape Town Tourism body has announced that it will list the details of people willing to rent out their homes during the 2010 South Africa World Cup on its website.

Cape Town Tourism will assess all properties before listing them on the website as available for fan bookings during the World Cup. The city is expected to host eight games during the World Cup, including a quarter-final and the semi-final match. Currently, Cape Town Tourism estimates that 56,000 beds are available and the figure is expected to rise to 70,000 by June 2010.

Cape Town recently responded to allegations of overpricing in the media, claiming that "runaway statements about prohibitive prices are being based on a skewed perspective of the broader tourism offering." The city forecasts that the average costs for a night in a centrally located guest house will be R 500 - R800 (€45 - €72), whilst an award-winning four-star city hotel is charging on average R1900 - R2400 (€170 - €215) per night for a room.

South Africa expects over 350,000 people to visit the country during the World Cup, bringing in over €2bn in revenue.