Pump it up

Broken tent poles do not a happy camper make. But crooked tents could be rendered a malfunction of the past with Vango's new AirBeam tents. A dozen years in development, the AirBeam uses inflatable rubber beams in place of traditional tent poles. Vango claims they can be fully pitched in five minutes. The waterproof tents come with a porch, in sizes sleeping two to eight people. From £235; www.vango.co.uk

Roll with it

The latest of Samsonite's Curv-technology range is the Cubelite upright case. Weighing as little as 2.1kg (for the small cabin-sized bag), the bags' hard-wearing but lightweight material employs the same technology used in bullet-proof vests and skis. Available in graphite or champagne colours, the trolleys come in cabin, 66cm and 74cm-tall versions.

From £259; www.samsonite.co.uk

Take a stand

Enhance your amateur photography with Manfrotto's new Pocket tripods. Created for use with digital cameras, the stand features adjustable legs and rubberised feet, so equipment can be made stable in a range of situations. The legs fold down so the tripod can remain attached to the camera when not in use. They're also available in a larger size.

From £19.95; www.manfrotto.co.uk

Finger on the pulse

This build-your-own guidebook series comes full of tips from stylish "soulmates" such as photographers, writers, musicians and shop owners. You select your city (Vienna and Stockholm are available, with London coming soon), choose the insiders' tips that suit your interests, and the guidebook is delivered to you complete with maps and district guides.

From €16; www.nectarandpulse.com