Carry on kit

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Colour wash

Brighten up your suitcase with Alexandra Mann's collection of hand-made washbags. Created by the costume designer from vintage and eye-catching textiles, they feature fabrics ranging from 1960s floral to leopard-print and vibrant African patterns. Custom washbags are also available, emblazoned with patterns or names. Bags are available online and are about to launch in Liberty. From £30;

Safari style

Functionality, durability and good looks are all promised by the Rufiji Explorer bag. The tube-shaped bag features a lockable horse-shoe zip, side pockets and is made from fully lined canvas and leather. The bag is soft, lightweight, can be easily squashed and is ideal for safaris when heavy hold luggage isn't permitted on light aircraft flights. £149;

Sending out an SOS

Danger is always a possibility while travelling. If you are the victim of attack, serious injury or come into danger abroad, SkyGuard could offer backup. Registered travellers can contact the SkyGuard call centre via their GPS-enabled mobile phone or device. The situation is assessed and emergency assistance can be sent. From £29.95 per month;

Family upgrade

Travelling with your brood doesn't have to mean resorting to room service. Luxe, purveyor of hyper-chic city guides, is launching a LittleLUXE series, starting with Hong Kong. The guide lists family-friendly restaurants and activities, as well as the best shops to stock up on covetable clothes for your little ones. £4.99;