City's new slogan makes officials see 'red-inburgh'


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Edinburgh is having trouble with its tourism branding. City councillors have derided the work of Marketing Edinburgh after they were presented with its new slogan: "Incredinburgh". The city was expecting a major rebrand, but Marketing Edinburgh has been forced to delay its plans, reports the Edinburgh Evening News, after officials called the proposed slogan "twee" and "appalling".

City branding is highly subjective. In 2004, Amsterdam's team Amsterdam Partners came up with the equally risible: "I amsterdam". Yet it was hailed as a great success, because it allegedly "allows the people to voice their pride and confidence while expressing support and love for their city." Among other recent dubious campaigns were "Copenhagen: Open For You", which played on the fact that the word "Copenhagen" contains the word "open". Similarly, "Totally London" emphasised the "on" in "London" for no discernible reason. One wonders what marketers would make of Scunthorpe.