Copenhagen Airport is to launch a new smartphone app that allows passengers to pull up information about their terminal using augmented reality.

The app, set to be released in the coming weeks, is unique in its ability to use an augmented reality display, which can normally only be used outdoors with a GPS signal, while inside the terminal to show airport features overlaid on the camera display.

It will mean that passengers will be able to hold up their phone to find out about surrounding shops, restaurants and services, as well as being able to get directions to their gate.

The technology, which uses wifi and signal strength triangulation to pinpoint passengers inside the terminal, is a world first, according to the developer, aviation technologist SITA.

If widely adopted, it will help travelers make the most of their time in airport terminals - planned features for the Copenhagen version include the ability for retailers to offer specific promotions for customers who are passing by their stores, paving the way for personalized offers.

With airports sometimes offering bewildering terminal layouts and an incredible selection of shops and services, it's no surprise consumers are keen for something that makes their time spent waiting for a flight more efficient - apps such as iFly Pro and Airport Transit Guides have proved popular with passengers, despite being expensive by app standards.

Copenhagen Airport is no newcomer to the app game itself though, saying that over 100,000 users have downloaded its first guide since its launch last year.