Copenhagen hotel offers all-female floor

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A hotel in Copenhagen is set to become the first in Europe to offer an all-women's floor, according to reports.

The Bella Sky Hotel Comwell, an 814-room property due to open next month, will be the first hotel to offer women the choice of an all-female floor, accessible using a specific keycard.

Named "Bella Donna," the area was created in conjunction with influential and well-traveled Danish women, according to an article in trade publication

Special attention has been paid to the needs of women, says the hotel's website, with extra hangers for skirts and dresses, an ironing board and iron and international women's magazines in the rooms.

Bathrooms have also been tweaked to feature a good makeup mirror and large and effective hairdryer.

Guests will be able to book the Bella Donna floor using the website, although the hotel says that space is limited and competition for the 17th-floor rooms in the new design hotel could be fierce.

All-female sections are already offered by several hotel chains in America and have been for some time, but now they seem to be catching on internationally.

Last month, the Portal Hotel in Brisbane, Australia, became the first in the country to offer a single-sex floor, where even the service staff were female-only.

However, it's a concept which has been tried before in the UK, with less-than-impressive results - the prestigious Park Lane Hilton opened its all-female floor in 2003, before abandoning it after a few years because of a lack of demand, according to reports.